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This site is based thru my spirit, not based on material experiance or my academic studies. This personal place is the words taken from my emotional system. That is one picture of many truths
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There´s a spiritual reason why we became friends. The reason why we choose to behave or think in a matter is that our choises is connected to ones inner self. You love someone or something because you can identify with he/she or it. So my view of life is that one soul are placed in the middle of a room with walls made of mirrors; everything is a reflection of ones soul. And the main goal of life must be to understand how the soul is raised thrue sociological, psycological factors and to make the soul feel every positive aspects of life.

I would like to send love and prayers to people that are importent in my life:

My family, my closest friends, my friends from far, my past friends, my spiritual friends, my musical friends, my friends at the university, my friends at work.

Michael Jackson Behind The Scen

Michael Jackson is clearly one puzzle of the divine law. The time and the situation opened his way, but it´s not only time and space whish are important factors. Ever individual experience are unique, Jacksons experience was unique but in the same time very unusual...Not only the social conditions and the psycological system opened his way, there is one step more, the biological condition. The light of his uniqueness was created before his birth. Thats how he became the musicians bible, and thats how other important individuals became important. A persons deeds must be limited to some level, and thats how destiny exists -Levent

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Michael Jackson; Music Of The Soul

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